The series "The Flash" of the CW began to air in September 2014. This series is a spinoff of the series "Arrow". It tells the story of Barry Allen, CSI in the police who is struck by lightning one night while the particle accelerator explodes in Central City.

Let's talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the series.

The strong points

1. Special effects

Some special effects are impressive for a TV series.

2. The costumes of the villains

Curiously, the costumes of the villains are better than those of the heroes, like Zoom or The Black Flash

3. The villains of the comics

We find many villains comics like Rogues (Captain Cold, Heatwave, etc) but also Reverse Flash, Zoom, Gorilla Grodd, etc.

4. Humour

There is a certain dose of humor like Cisco Ramon giving a name to the villains.

The weak spots

1. An absence of curiosity of the hero

When he comes out after 9 months of coma, he starts to discover that he can run very fast. He meets Professor Wells who helps him to master his powers and to run faster and faster. He does not try to discover for himself what he can do with his powers unlike the series of 90s.

2. A team around the character too large

In the comics, The Flash has no team around him, he learns to use his powers by himself. That's what makes it interesting. In the series, he is surrounded by Professor Wells, Dr Caitlin Snow and Cisco Ramon. His foster father Detective Joe West, and many other characters will help him in his fight.

3. Too much melodrama

The characters are afraid of romantic relationships.

4. Ineffective police

Each time, Flash must intervene to save the police officers.

5. Far too many people know his secret identity

Having a secret identity is important for the hero in the comics. It allows him to protect his family and his knowledge of his enemies. In the series, all the members of the team who help him know his identity, but also some of his enemies (captain cold, etc.)