Google Sites is a Google App that was created by Google in 2008. It is an application that is used to create small websites on which collaborators can work together.

The new version which has been completely reworked, was released in June 2016. It is much more "user-friendly".

For a quick overview of what can be done with Google Sites, watch this video :

New releases

  • The "user friendly" side, drag and drop
  • The responsive design: hamburger menu, etc.
  • Images have a parallax effect
  • Changing the transparency of the menu

Advantages old version

  • Inserting HTML code
  • A menu on the left side

Type of users

There are 3 types of users who can interact with Google site: the owner, the publisher and the visitor. Each user has different permissions :

  • The owner : modification du design et du contenu du site
  • The publisher: modification of the site design
  • The visitor: see the site

URL of the website

The url of a website made with Google sites always starts with the same root :

If you want to have a custom domain name, you need to have a google app for business that is a paid subscription and buy the domain name.


  • 100Mo of memory space (up to 10GB for paying users)
  • 20Mo maximum of attached documents
  • No insertion of CSS style sheets and javascript scripts
  • Limited e-commerce capabilities
  • Sites that are hosted are not available to people in countries where Google services are blocked
  • Limited use of encoding HTML (nonexistent on the new version)

Some examples of google sites :